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Lichen Branch Organic Necklace


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Materials: silver, copper , glass beads, leather

Pendant size: 8cm x 1.5

Necklace length: 16″

Product Description:

The beautiful world of lichens and fungi is full of heavenly yet mostly unseen colour and texture – this enchanting organic necklace pays homage to their beauty. A twisted column of silver fused copper is filled with intricate bead work spilling out in a myriad of colours while  soft deep purple leather emerges from the surface. The branch hangs at a slight angle from a fine silver chain.  Get noticed for all the right reasons while wearing this unique , one of a kind necklace.
Nature’s Way is a collection of jewellery designed for people who find joy in colour and texture. Each piece is lovingly handmade, totally unique and inspired by my love of nature in all its minute detail. I combine beautiful materials to create original jewellery that really stands out. The design process is as organic as the inspiration. Starting with an idea sparked by what I have seen on woodland walks and at the seaside, each design blossoms as the materials combine, showing me the way. I use tiny seed beads like an artist’s paint pallet, building up the picture as I individually sew each one on. This method of creation ensures each piece is truly one of a kind.
Is your purchase a gift? This stunning  organic necklace will come beautifully wrapped in tissue and placed in a handmade fabric pouch.
Care Instructions: The best way to clean your extra special jewellery and keep it looking it’s best for longer, is to regularly rub the silver over with a silver cloth. However, to remove deeper tarnish it can be quickly dipped in silver dip and then immediately placed in clean water to rise. Leave them on an absorbent tissue to dry naturally for a few hours or overnight.
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