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Dani Crompton Designs - jewellery designer

Dani Crompton

Contempary Jewellery Designer

Hi, I am Dani and I am a jewellery designer. I believe that buying jewellery should be an adventure. And my own adventures in jewellery began when I was a little girl. Do you have a memory just like this?

I remember sitting in my mother’s bedroom, watching as she got ready to go out for the evening. The air would be filled with her signature perfume. She’d open her large wooden jewellery box and take out the ‘extra special’ pieces. Items she’d inherited or been gifted. Items I longed to be big enough to wear one day.

Creativity is in my blood

I come from a family of creative women. As a child, I was always busy making things out of loo rolls and sticky back plastic! Remember those days? Then at school I was drawn to the art department. But that was no surprise, with a mother who was always making (from teddy bears to embroidery) and a fine artist for a grandmother.

Soon, I was following my artistic Journey

to the Chelsea College of Art, to do an Arts Foundation Course and yet I still didn’t know where this adventure was taking me. Then one day a friend noticed my hands, decorated with beautiful rings, and joked I should be a jeweller. Well, thank goodness she did! I bagged a place on a jewellery course at the esteemed London jewellery school – Sir John Cass at the Guildhall University. And 20 years later I’m still making one-of-a-kind jewellery, and wearable art.

I run Dani Crompton Designs from my home studio in Surrey and use my years of experience to craft unique, handmade jewellery for women just like you.

Women who want to make a statement, stand out from the crowd and own original pieces that no one else can ever have. I despise todays throw away culture and make each piece to last and become that extra special piece to pass on to your children. I promote originality in a world of mass production and I want you to feel really good about your purchases and use them to build your own memories. I send out every piece of jewellery in a handmade pouch, which I lovingly sew from fabrics inherited from my mother’s beautiful fabric collection. It’s my way of ensuring she’s always part of my journey. The journey that she helped inspire me to begin.

P.S. – By shopping handmade, you’re helping to support small businesses and keep craftsmanship and creativity alive.

Thank you!

Nature’s Way

My Inspiration

I love nothing more than the great outdoors and spend many hours our with my dogs and horse breathing in the beauty of the world around me, in the woods or by the sea.

This inspiration is woven through my current designs, in a collection I like to call Nature’s Way. Like nature, it is always evolving. It’s jewellery that almost lets you hear waves through the movement of a curve, smell fresh damp leaves, and sense the seasons through glorious colours. It’s the kind of jewellery memories are made of.

When I began creating this collection two and a half years ago, it was a turning point for me. It was when I decided I would never make a repeat design again. So every piece in this collection is a totally unique one-off. When you buy from this range, you can luxuriate in the knowledge that no one in the world will have anything like it.

It is as unique as you, and striking by nature

Where it All Began...

The Sea Foam Ring will always hold a place in my heart, as it was one of the first in the range.

This beautiful, hand forged silver ring was inspired by the movement of seaweed as it’s tossed and turned by the waves. I created the hallmarked silver shank by forging it into sweeping curves and using my hammers to create organic textures on the undulating arcs. Clusters of glass beads in teals, blues and aquas spill out of its curves and pockets like foaming seawater crashing on the beach.
Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

The Sea Foam Ring is a true statement piece, visually different from every angle. And just like every other piece in the Nature’s Way range, it will always get you noticed. It will make you stand out as the unique, stylish woman you are. The woman who appreciates nature and its beautiful gifts. The woman who celebrates creativity and her spirit of adventure. And the woman who’s worthy of quality jewellery, hand-crafted for memories that last.

How Does The Magic Happen?

Every piece starts as a basic idea in my head, fuelled by what I have seen around me. I rarely sketch anything. The design evolves during its creation, in a wonderfully organic process. I use the beads like a paint pallet, building up the final picture as I carefully sew each bead in place, just for you.

My inspiration flows from the colours, textures and forms of nature that I see in woodlands and by the sea. I use these to create individual designs that can never be reproduced – so that you feel special every time you wear them.

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