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Copper Log Ring


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Materials: silver, beads, copper

Size: J/K

Product Description:

Take a look at this divine silver and copper statement ring! To create contrast I have used highly polished silver with an angular texture on the spiral shank, and combined it with dimply and gnarly patinated copper. The copper seems soft, natural, organic and earthy, balancing on the hard structural silver. Growing out from the seemingly life giving natural copper, are tiny sparkling beads just like mosses and spores springing to life from decay. This ring will get noticed both as a work of art that adorns the body while out and about, and as a beautiful sculptural piece on your dressing table.
You can watch a video showing the making process of this unique ring HERE
Nature’s Way is a collection of jewellery designed for people who find joy in colour and texture. Each piece is lovingly handmade, totally unique and inspired by my love of nature in all its minute detail. I combine beautiful materials to create original jewellery that really stands out. The design process is as organic as the inspiration. Starting with an idea sparked by what I have seen on woodland walks and at the seaside, each design blossoms as the materials combine, showing me the way. I use tiny seed beads like an artist’s paint pallet, building up the picture as I individually sew each one on. This method of creation ensures each piece is truly one of a kind.
Is your purchase a gift?  This stunning ring will come beautifully wrapped in tissue and placed in a handmade fabric pouch.
Care Instructions: The best way to clean your extra special jewellery and keep it looking it’s best for longer, is to regularly rub the silver over with a silver cloth.  The copper patination may develop over time to add to the character. It your jewellery gets wet just leave out on a tissue overnight to dry naturally.
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