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From Concept To Creation

A little studio video showing the full making process of a beaded silver and copper statement ring inspired by my love of nature. I hope this will allow you to understand the creative process more and let you into the usually closed world of my jewellery studio. After more than 20 years at the bench […]

Testing a new Technique – Silver Coated Copper.

Testing a New Technique – Silver coating Copper. As a jeweller I am always looking for and trying out new ways to use materials in my work. I really enjoy taking a rather hap hazard approach and learning from the mistakes as much as the successes. I truly believe you should never let a fear […]

What does it all mean? – Messages in Jewellery

What does it all mean? – Messages in Jewellery Modern jewellery, Art jewellery, Contemporary jewellery. What does it all mean? Now that is the eternal question. What I do know is that jewellery has never been just a meaningless trinket as so many high street peddlers would have you believe. Throughout history and all around the globe it has been […]

How Too – A Glimpse into jewellery design 3

‘Seaweed’ Silver and Ribbon beaded necklace. – Nature’s Way This one of a kind necklace began life as a walk along the beach while on holiday. I can spend hours combing beaches and rock pools, taking photos and collecting interesting pebbles and drift wood. I didn’t know it at the time but this clump of […]

Should I? Shouldn’t I? Decisions of Jewellery Design.

Decisions ,decisions, decisions! When I am designing a new piece of jewellery I prefer to let the process evolve naturally. I will start with a simple idea in my head and then just get started. I understand that this may horrify some of you – surely you need to make drawings, plans, measurements! And you […]

How To – a glimpse into jewellery design 2

How To – a glimpse into jewellery design 2 As a member of the Association of Contemporary Jewellery I was able to put forward an application for a members exhibition of work to be shown at the Gill Wing gallery in Islington, London. The theme was Tales of the subconscious: ‘Exploring the magical world of the jeweller’s subconscious. Concepts that […]

How To – a glimpse into the jewellery design process 1

How To – a glimpse into the jewellery design process 1   I have a fascination for nature and look for it everywhere I go, searching out colours, textures and interesting forms. I am forever found with my camera, out snapping inspirational shots – but how do I then transfer them into my orgnic jewellery […]

Seaside inspiration from Tenby.

Every day is an opportunity to spot inspiration in the nature around me but some are extra special.  On holiday with my family this summer I had the joy of spending the day on the beach at Tenby in Wales. Overlooked by the most beautiful harbor town with immaculate coloured houses and an ancient defense […]

Chihuly at Kew Gardens

I was lucky enough to visit the Chihuly exhibition at Kew last Friday with a group of lovely ladies from the ACJ London group. We were blessed with a lovely sunny day which helped to show off the iridescent qualities of the immense glass sculptures dotted through out the grounds of Kew Gardens. My ‘Nature’s […]