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Seaside inspiration from Tenby.

Every day is an opportunity to spot inspiration in the nature around me but some are extra special.  On holiday with my family this summer I had the joy of spending the day on the beach at Tenby in Wales. Overlooked by the most beautiful harbor town with immaculate coloured houses and an ancient defense wall   the soft sand beach reached out to the retreating tide.

The pickings were slim on the wide swathes of flat sands but then we came to Castle Rock. A fortress building  sits high up on a rocky out crop on the beach reached by ascending rusty stairs, and below it the supporting rock, which has been shaped and carved by the sea, hosts caves only accessible at low tide.

As you enter, the walls come alive with the sea life awaiting the returning tides. Here are a selection of  photos that I took. A rich tapestry of textures and colours, mussels and molluscs. Enjoy!


Hope you are feeling as inspired by the beauty found in nature around the coast as I am. My mind may work towards jewellery  design but these colours, textures and forms can be used all around the home, in fashion and much much more. Let your mind mull it over and get out and find some beauties of your own.  The gang and I will be out hunting again soon.

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