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Beaded Wooden Knot Wall Art


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Size: Size : 28.5cm x 26.5cm

Wood, glass beads, paper

Product Description:

I am often found walking in woodlands with my dogs, head down searching for the perfect piece of knobbly wood.  They are surprisingly few and far between, so it brings a big grin to my face when I find one.  I have created this piece of  relief wall art from one very such piece. Distressed silver leaf enhances the amazing surface texture while bead work pours out of the natural opening like  beautiful moss, in greens, browns, gold and a hint of turquoise. The wooden knot is placed on a subtle twig print paper and mounted in a  chunky rough finish dark wood frame.
Size : 28.5cm x 26.5cm Wall hanging wire on back Open front (no glass)
I am an artist and primarily a jeweller, creating Nature’s Way, a collection of jewellery designed for people who find joy in colour, texture and beautiful things. Each piece is lovingly handmade, totally unique and  inspired by my fascination of nature in all its minute detail. I combine beautiful materials to create jewellery that really stands out and will get you noticed. The design process is as organic as the inspiration. Starting with an idea sparked by what I have seen around me, on woodland walks and at the seaside, each design then blossoms as the materials combine and show me the way. I use tiny glass beads like an artist uses a paint pallet, building up the final picture as I sew each one on individually. This method of working ensures each piece is one of a kind.
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