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Dani @ Dani Crompton Designs – Contemporary Jewellery Designer

by Dani Fahy BA(hons)

I am a contemporary jewellery designer, artist and creative who thrives on being hands on with materials. Having trained at London Guildhall University as a Jeweller and Silversmith, I enjoy permanently riding the waves of exploration and experimentation.

Over the years I have worked with a range of techniques and materials, which now allows me to create unique mixed media contemporary jewellery. Beauty is often defined by society’s perception of monetary value and current trends, but for me it is about the balance and flow of one material next to another. Therefore I believe that recycled newspaper, glass, fabric and acrylic, can all hold their own amongst precious metals and gem stones in the creation of something truly beautiful and one of a kind. During my career as a jeweller, I have come to love a number of materials and creative techniques. Therefore I see the development of combining them as a way of evolving new designs to be a natural path for my work to take. The art is both in the craftsmanship of the finish and the ability to marry the different textures together.

Colour, texture and my love of bold contemporary design are very dominant elements throughout my work which includes jewellery and decorative pieces. Everything is individually and lovingly handmade by me at my own studio. I hope that you can find something that sings out to you and which you can enjoy for years to come.



by Dani Crompton Designs

Nature’s Way

Nature’s Way is my current collection of  Jewellery. Taking inspiration from the colours and textures of the natural world, I strive to create jewellery that is as individual as nature herself. Each piece is one of a kind, starting as a basic idea in my head which then evolves as I manipulate the silver and use tiny beads like a paint pallet to build up the final picture. It is a very organic process which creates a style of jewellery that I believe to be very unique to me.



For my Geometrics collection of jewellery I used traditional beading techniques and gave them a modern twist. By multiplying and combining basic two dimensional shapes I can build up striking three dimensional forms which are both lightweight and strong. I never realised how divers the simple triangle could be. Each piece is hand sewn out of tiny tubular glass beads, using a needle and thread. A mathematical exploration of three dimensional geometric shape and form.


My Dial collection was an exercise in tessellation. Having bought a string of haematite doughnut beads (what a great name), I spent a long time taking them in and out of my magical box of goodies before lightning struck – I had to add colour! From there my ‘Dial’ collection was born, creating combinations of circular dials in eight different colours, from simple single dials to necklaces made up of over forty sewn together. Each one centered with a Swarovski pearl.

Chip Paper Designs

On a whole other scale I like to revamp, re-purpose and rejuvenate everyday house hold objects. I scour second hand stores for dusty unloved items that I can cover in recycled newspaper – giving them a new chance at life. I mainly use picture frames, mirrors and vases but have been known to tackle dressing tables and chests of draws. As a creative no piece is to big or small.